First Date - Audition in Orlando, Florida
Category: Actors and singers
Generation Productions, Orlando, FL
Paid. Non-Union/Union (OAT contracts available)
Producer: Generation Productions' Managing Member, Aaron Safer
Director: Kenny Howard

Dates: 5.5 week contract. Weekly salary. August 24th-September 30th.

Generation Productions presents an immersive version of the Broadway musical FIRST DATE: The Musical at The Abbey, September 14-30th, 2017. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at
When tightly-wound Aaron is set up with cool girl Casey, a casual drink turns into a hilarious dinner served with Google background checks, fake emergency phone calls and a fair share of surprises in the form of imaginary visits from exes, protective parents and more, who sing and dance them through it all. Can the mismatched pair turn what could be a dining disaster into something special before the check arrives? FIRST DATE is written by Austin Winsberg, with music and lyrics by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner.
"FIRST DATE is a hilarious romp into the minds of individuals that go through what we all go through on a first date," said producer Aaron Safer. "We plan on putting the audience right into the scenes, you won't know if the person sitting next to you is one of the main characters or a patron, until all of a sudden they are dancing on the tables!"
FIRST DATE at The Abbey is produced by Aaron Safer, featuring direction by Kenny Howard, with set by Daniel Cooksley, lighting design by Corey Wissig, and choreography by Theresa Hanson. Generation Productions' previous musicals at The Abbey include CABARET and BAT BOY, as well as HEATHERS THE MUSICAL and THE FLICK at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.
Tickets for FIRST DATE at The Abbey are $28 for the GA experience, and $38 for the VIP Experience, which includes reserved table seating and a complimentary glass of champagne. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at
FIRST DATE Performance Schedule:
Thursday, September 14 - 8PM
Friday, September 15 - 8PM
Saturday, September 16 - 1PM & 8PM
Tuesday, September 19 - 8PM
Wednesday, September 20 - 8PM
Friday, September 22 - 8PM
Saturday, September 23 - 1PM & 8PM
Monday, September 25 - 8PM
Tuesday, September 26 - 8PM
Wednesday, September 27 - 8PM
Thursday, September 28 - 1PM
Saturday, September 30 - 1PM & 8PM
Generation Productions will be holding auditions for FIRST DATE June 18 and 19 at The MEZZ in downtown Orlando.
Generations Productions is holding auditions for FIRST DATE: THE MUSICAL on June 18 from 3pm to 8pm, with Callbacks being held June 19 from 1pm to 5:30pm. Auditions will be held at The MEZZ in downtown Orlando (100 S Eola Dr Suite #200, Orlando, FL 32801). The show runs September 14 - 30 with rehearsals beginning August 14. Non-Equity Only. Auditions are by appointment only.
Generation Productions has teamed up with and their new casting website. To submit please follow this link:
You will then be prompted to fill out a profile and easily create a resume on their site. You will then simply click on the roles you want to read for. The requests will be screened, and approved applicants will receive an email containing two links: one linking to a calendar to schedule an audition appointment, and one to a list of all audition sides and musical numbers for the audition. Auditioners will be in charge of scheduling, changing, or cancelling their own appointment.
Both Florida Theatrical Association and Generations Productions will strictly be using this platform for upcoming auditions. Following the initial set up, interested auditioners will go directly to the next show, and choose the roles they wish to apply for.
For questions about the submission process, please contact Kenny Howard at

Character Breakdown:

Aaron-Late 20s-30s Male. Tenor. New Yorker. Jewish investment banker. He has never been on a blind date before. Out of his element, nervous, and trying way too hard.

Casey-Late 20s-30s, female. Great belt/mix voice. Daring, bold, and delightfully controversial. All as a defense mechanism.

Man#1 (Jewish Chorus/Gabe/Edgy British Guy)-25-40; Male, any ethnicity. GABE is the mega dude/womanizer. Has every answer to every question about women that has ever been asked. And probably has a catch phrase to go with that answer. Aaron's best friend since childhood. EDGY ROCKER/BRITISH GUY are bad boys from Casey's past. Cocky and neglectful, they are overcompensating. Baritenor range.

Woman #1 (Grandma Ida/Lauren/Female with Megaphone #2/Aaron's Mother)-25-40, Female, belt/mix with soprano. Casey's sister, LAUREN is happily (somewhat) married to her highly successful husband, Kevin, and wonders out loud why Casey can't break her bad habits and learn how to catch a winner. Constantly trying to fix Casey, Lauren is more concerned with listening to her own advice than actually helping her sister. GRANDMA IDA is Aaron's dead grandmother, who feels strongly that her son should marry a Jewish woman.

Man #2 (Reggie/Aaron's Future Son/Edgy Rocker Guy)-Late 20s-30s. Male, tenor. REGGIE is Casey's fabulously fierce gay and over-imaginative best friend. Easily sent into a tailspin of jealousy, paranoia, and drama. EDGY ROCKER/BRITISH GUY are bad boys from Casey's past. Cocky and neglectful, they are overcompensating.

Woman #2 (Jewish Chorus/Allison/Google Girl/Female with Megaphone #1)-25-35, female. Aaron's ex-fiancé. Gorgeous, sexy, uptight, conservative, controlling, manipulative. Must have great belt and some soprano.

Man #3 (Waiter/Casey's Christian Father/Friendly Therapist)-35-45, male, baritenor. A career waiter, who dabbles with songwriting and performing on the side. A romantic. He wants nothing more than for love to blossom in his restaurant. A closet poet as well. CASEY's CHRISTIAN FATHER is a stereotype super-Christian, praising the Easter Bunny and denouncing Judaism.