It’s time to grab your parachute pants, banana clips, and homework assignments, and head back to the 1980s with Totally Electric, the hilarious new show that will have you laughing and singing along to the ’80s hits you love! Relive your own high schools days – be they 2 or 20 years ago – and have a rockin’ good time celebrating the decade of Day-Glo, Jordache and jelly shoes.
Totally Electric begins at the high school reunion for the West Lake High School Class of 1989. When the award-winning West Lake show choir, “The Syncopated Sensations,” are unable to perform, we flash back to the 1980s, and the Sensations’ last weeks of high school. Each with a unique personality, the Sensations find respect and camaraderie in their group, while being bullied by the West Lake “in crowd.” Through their determination, talent, and friendship, and the help of some new friends, the Sensations will attempt to leave their mark on West Lake forever—and pave the way for new Sensations to come.

Doors open 8 pm/Show 9 pm

The Cast!
Ericka Dunlap - Tiara Lynn Kelly
Adam Galarza - Jimmy Phil Tony Bob Lee
Ricky Cona - Jessie Newton-John
Blake Aburn - Lum Ding O’Reilly
Katie Fitzsimmons - Kippy Kaler
Meredith McDermott - Grapenut Brown
Valerie Witherspoon - Jean-Michelle Valjean
Alejandra Martinez - Taffy Tepperman
Nicole Visco - Toffee Tepperman
Elizabeth Padamonsky - Holly/Fancy
Shonn McCloud - Vince Wentworth
Alex Mrazek - Mike Meadows